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What’s Different About ALCN's Coach Training Program?

Self-paced certification

With up to 9 months of personalized 1 on 1 support. You select your Coach & work at your pace.

Interactive course

Powerful combination of ICF coaching, NLP, somatic practices, mindfulness and embodiment tools.

Global community of certified coaches

Network with successful professional coaches, ask questions and receive support.

Being an NLP Somatic Coach empowers you to help clients bridge the gap between mind and body, theory and results.


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is widely regarded as the most powerful collection of tools and techniques for creating profound and lasting transformation.

It’s used across many science-based and research-backed fields of expertise, helping the world's best and brightest to understand and influence human behavior.

The emergent field of somatic science has been shining a light on the gap between the world of thought and theory (the field of NLP) and the body.

The NLP Somatic Coach Certification gives you cutting-edge tools and techniques to help your clients bridge this gap, so they can experience breakthrough transformations that create lasting change in any aspect of their life.

NLP Somatic Coach Mentorship & Certification

ICF recognized, world-class certification with personalized 1 on 1 support

Self-paced - 80% - virtual, in person & 20% - Self study.

Industry Leading NLP Somatic Coaching techniques

32 coaching sessions with ALCN Associate Coach +10 hours of Mentorship

Accredited for 60 hours of ICF coach-specific training hours (ACSTH)

Downloadable training support materials

Join ALCN'S global community

The most powerful coaching framework for creating lasting results, fast.


Full Price with 4 month payment plan $13,995 or $11,995 if paid in full

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Do you want to be part of the solution?


The NLP Somatic Coaching Certification has been designed for coaches, leaders, executives, educators, health professionals, therapists, counselors, social entrepreneurs and change makers.

If you are..

  • Looking for a way to create powerful and lasting transformation in your personal or professional life.
  • Interested in becoming an ICF Certified Coach and looking for a comprehensive coaching method & simple framework.
  • An experienced coach, facilitator or practitioner wanting to develop your ability to bridge the mind / body gap.
  • A student of NLP seeking ICF Coach Certification and a powerful framework to create lasting change.

The NLP Somatic Coach Mentorship & Certification is the training you’ve been waiting for.

So much more than just a coaching certification program, it’s an advanced all-in-one personalized coach training and mentorship program that will transform your life.


Help create lasting & authentic transformation with total confidence


This training is for has been designed for leaders, executives, educators, health professionals, therapists, counselors, social entrepreneurs and change makers.

You’ll walk away with:

  • An in-depth understanding of the principles of NLP Somatic Coaching, a cutting-edge modality in the coaching field that is fully backed by research on neuroscience and cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Accreditation for 60 hours of ICF coach-specific training hours (ACSTH), meeting the coaching hour requirements for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) ICF Credential, considered to be the “Gold Standard” in the coaching field internationally.
  • The ability to co-create a coaching partnership that empowers your clients, so you can work with them to move them powerfully towards the results and the life they truly want.
  • A working knowledge of the powerful NLP Somatic coaching tools and techniques, and a clear understanding of how to apply these tools in the context of coaching for lasting transformation.
  • Confidence in applying the ICF coaching model with Core Competencies, so you can give your client a lived experience of the power of their daily choices and the impact they can have on their life.
  • The ability to blend NLP and Somatic practices to create deep transformation, empowering you to deliver truly life changing results with your clients as an NLP Somatic Certified Coach.
  • PLUS experiencing 8 months of personal coaching on the changes you want to make in your own life

The world is changing. This certification puts you ahead of the curve.


We've been living in this unpredictable, uncertain world for 2 full years with more uncertainty on the horizon.

We can't predict the future. But we CAN learn the tools and skills to navigate and THRIVE in these changing times.

In this ever evolving world, you need an integrated coaching model to keep up with the unprecedented pace of change and the uncertainty people are facing.

This presents a world of opportunity for the coach who is willing to work at the forefront of cutting edge modern transformational techniques.

Business and life are moving at an incredibly fast pace, driven by technology which has disconnected humans from the wisdom of their bodies.

This certification empowers you with the proven and research-backed techniques to support clients to tune into the wisdom of their body, allowing them to easily and effortlessly access answers that their logical mind cannot.

Cultivating mind-body connection is more important than ever, and having the skills and knowledge to facilitate this connection puts you in possession of the most important skills required for these changing time.

And to ensure your success, we deliver this training in a truly personalized and uniquely tailored way, with all the guidance and support you need to be a highly successful coach with tools & skills that put you way ahead of the curve in this competitive and saturated market.

How does it all work? 

The NLP Somatic Coach Certification is SO much more than a coaching certification. It’s a coaching, training & mentoring journey that will transform your life. 


You’ll be personally coached, mentored and get to practice with one of ALCN’s hand-selected team of PCC level NLP Somatic Associate Coaches to create your own experience of profound transformation.

You will become part of the global movement & community of 7,500+ coaches, leaders, changemakers and practitioners from all different backgrounds that have trained with ALCN.

We’ll help you work with someone who’s used the model in the way you want to use it, built a successful coaching business or created the life that you want to create using these skills.

You’ll prepare for each coaching session by listening to an introduction to the exercise and a demo coaching session by ALCN Founder Helen Attridge.

Each month, you’ll learn new powerful somatic practices to support inner alignment and have access to bonus guest speakers & facilitators.

You’ll have access to a series of sessions on powerful somatic practices you can use to support your own journey, and your clients, including meditation, yoga & breathwork.

You’ll also have monthly Mentorship calls with Helen and your classmates and bonus student from around the world to have your questions answered and learn how the coaching exercises support conscious change.

You’ll be part of our global community, your place for sharing wins, challenges and getting together for assigned practice sessions, extra coaching practice sessions and community support

And you’ll get a comprehensive Coach Training Workbook & Reflective Journal that will support your study, your personal transformation and your work with your clients, as well as access to a Resources Hub with additional resources and books we recommend.

Learning to suit any style


Self Paced - Fully Supported

With a combination of 1 on 1 coaching & mentoring, live online group Q&A & mentoring sessions, recorded coaching demos, support materials and a community hub, the NLP Somatic Coach Certification is designed to give you the most comprehensive online learning & training experience.


Building the foundation for a powerful coaching partnership

Get to know your clients somatic style, how their brain works, how best to support them in making change and understand what needs to change to close the gap between where they are and who they want to become.


Adding NLP to Your Coaching Toolkit

The body and being inside of us were originally designed to work seamlessly together. The NLP Somatic Coaching skills in this model support clients in reconnecting to their innate wisdom and increasing their social and emotional intelligence.


Mastering the Craft

Learn how NLP Somatic coaching skills, when mastered and combined with deep listening, powerful questioning, intuition and the backdrop of the ICF Model, create an effortless flow in coaching sessions.


Embodying The Vision

Change your internal story, change your life. Shift old limiting beliefs and learn the skills to align with your mission, embrace a new identity and embody the vision.

What you'll learn



Introduction and advanced level theory and techniques for using NLP in a coaching context to initiate rapid transformation.

Somatic Practices

From simple body awareness to advanced somatic coaching practices for lasting transformation including breathwork, yoga, meditations and visualization

Conscious Change Coaching Method®

A framework for understanding the internal dynamics of change & transformation, and how to harness these with conscious intention to create inner alignment.

ICF Coaching Model

The gold standard for coaching globally, you’ll walk away with an embodied understanding of how to apply the powerful ICF coaching framework in your own work & life.

NLP Somatic Coach Mentorship Certification Program is International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited for 60 hours of ICF coach-specific training hours (ACSTH).

A comprehensive coaching model to navigate & THRIVE in these changing times


On completion of the NLP Somatic Coach Mentorship & Certification, you’ll be in possession of ALCN’s world class coaching techniques & methodologies, empowering you to create unmatched results in the lives of your clients, like over 7,500 graduates worldwide are already doing. 

The Conscious Change Coaching Method®

  • Our Conscious Change Coaching Method® is a simple yet powerful framework that supports clients to come into alignment with the person they want to be and/or need to become to make the changes they want in their life.
  • This model is the synthesis and culmination of Helen Attridge's 30+ year personal development and coaching career, creating groundbreaking results with high level clients and organizations, as well as training thousands of coaches across 6 continents.
  • This model will give you a deep understanding of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dynamics of sustainable transformations that most other coaching models overlook.

The Inner Alignment Map (I AM Map)

  • This trademarked ™ methodology empowers you to help your clients arrive at total clarity around what is blocking them from making the desired changes in their life
  • Through a variety of advanced Somatic NLP coaching skills and techniques, the I AM Map supports people to become aware of and shift stubborn limiting beliefs, as well as to identify and change sabotaging patterns or behaviors.
  • This is done by working with the NLP Neurological Levels and Somatic practices to create a supportive environment, align your life with your values and fully embody a new way of being.

How you’ll learn 


Weekly live call

1 on 1 coaching practice sessions with ALCN Certified Coach

Peer-to-peer learning

Peer to peer learning as part of our global community

Personal practice

Personal practice guided by your coach and course materials

Monthly Q&A’s

Monthly Q&A mentoring sessions with ALCN founder Helen Attridge

Resources Hub

 Library of additional support material and suggested reading

Inner Alignment tools

Video and audio trainings and demos in PLUS breathwork, meditation and embodiment yoga

Fully Supported - Personalized Learning


So much more than a certification program, the NLP Somatic Coach Certification is designed to give you a personal experience of the life-changing power of this model.

This means that you’ll be coached by one of our experienced ALCN certified coaches to create your own experience of profound transformation.

We'll help you work with someone who’s used the model in the way you want to use it, or created the life that you want to create using these skills, so it’s relevant to you.

You’ll get:

32 x 1 on 1 Practice coaching sessions with an ALCN Associate Coach of your choice.

8 hours of supervised feedback from PCC level Associate Coach.

10+ hours of mentorship call with Helen for questions and deep dives into the practical applications.

A typical week in the NLP Somatic Coach Certification


The certification is largely self-paced, allowing you to fit the training to your own unique needs and personal schedule. If you wanted to fast-track yourself through this training, you could graduate in as little as 4 months.

A minimum commitment of between 3-6 hours a week would support graduation in 8 months.

Each week, this will generally include:



Course material & coaching call prep

30-40 mins


Practice Coaching Session (coach & be coached)

up to 75 mins


Reflection & journaling

30 mins


Live Q&A Mentorship Calls with Helen (twice per month)

1 hr



To get the best possible results, we also recommend and provide you with extra resources to support your learning:


Daily practice (yoga / meditation / breathwork / intention / gratitude)

5-20 mins (or as long as you need/want!)


Additional reading

30 – 40 mins


Meet Helen Attridge


Hi, my name is Helen Attridge, founder of ALCN and creator of the Conscious Change Coaching Method® and the Inner Alignment Map™.

I’ve been in the coaching and personal development industry for over 30 years, and have worked with some of the most respected leaders in the field of personal transformation, as a coach, trainer and founder of an internationally acclaimed coach training organization.

This coaching method is the culmination of my 30+ years of experience working with thousands of leaders, change makers, and international organizations from around the world in all aspects of coaching—from life coaching to business coaching to executive and leadership coaching.
What a journey coaching has turned out to be for me, both personally and professionally! Coaching and NLP transformed my life in so many ways.

Meet The Associate Coach Team


ALCN has over 7,500 coach graduates on six continents and representatives from over 75 nationalities as part of our growing community. 

Alongside running their own successful coaching businesses, ALCN Associate Coaches provide tailored and personalized support to ALCN students. 

During your program, the Associate Coach you have chosen will work closely with you, providing you the opportunity to practice your skills as a coach and providing feedback, as well as taking you through the coaching model as a client, so you can experience the transformation in your own life. 

All ALCN Associate Coaches are graduates of our 125 hour coach training program, actively working in the coaching field, have been a recipient of mentoring, passed at PCC level with a minimum of 3 years coaching experience and have a specific niche within the coaching field.

Our goal at ALCN is to provide the skills and tools to make transformation happen. Our Associate Coaches will be with you to support you in achieving your goals and creating the change you want in your personal and professional life.

Languages  Associate Coaches speak: Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Bulgarian, English, French, German and Hindi.

Associate Coach Team


Anthony P. Narine

Anthony P. Narine

NLP Somatic Business, Executive & Leadership Development Coach

Kelly Nie

Rebecca Jade Hoole

NLP Somatic Life Coach

Kelly Nie

Swati Sharma

Executive & Life Coach

Erlina Sidik

Erlina Sidik

NLP Somatic Life Coach

Ivet Pavlova

Ivet Pavlova

NLP Somatic Business, Leadership & Life-balance Coach and Trainer

Jennifer Nash

Jennifer Nash

NLP Somatic Executive Coach

Rossana Magaña Ruiz

Rossana Magaña Ruiz

NLP Somatic Leadership Development Coach

Sonia Rao Lan

Sonia Rao Lan

NLP Somatic Executive, Leadership and Women’s Leadership Coach

Sonia Saini

Sonia Saini

Transformational Executive and NLP Somatic Leadership Coach

Surbhi Mittal

Surbhi Mittal

NLP Somatic Leadership and Life Coach

Trevor Torrance

Trevor Torrance

NLP Somatic Transformation Coach

Kelly Nie

Kelly Nie

NLP Somatic Life & Women's Coach

ICF Accredited Coach Training Program


The ALCN NLP Somatic Coach Certification is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Specific Hours Program (ACSTH). Training on all ICF Core Competencies and the ICF Code of Ethics are included.

Ever heard of Zoom fatigue? Yeah. It’s a thing. We’re all Zoomed out at this point! That’s why we created this all-in-one coaching, mentoring, training program to support you at every step of the way.

Our learning model follows the 80/20 rule… 20% online learning and 80% virtual in-person. This is to make sure that you’re getting as much 1:1 support, learning by doing, and practice time as possible and NOT just staring at a screen listening to another ‘expert’.

As a visual kinesthetic learner, personally I need to see things and learn by actually doing them. So I understand the challenges of online learning… That’s why this program has been designed for all learning styles, whether you’re visual, auditory, kinesthetic or a combination.

The other challenge with online learning is accountability and continuity. It’s just hard to hold yourself accountable with a mountain of other tasks and responsibilities piling up – life always seems to get in the way. That’s why we provide the community, peer and personal coaching and mentoring support – to help you stay on track.

This program is for people who lead busy lives and especially for those of you who have been asking me for years for the full coach training experience, but want it according to your own schedule and lifestyle.

Our coaches launch successful practices right after our training and are able to integrate the tools and skills into their practice right away. You will not need another coach training program after this one – although we know that you’re probably here because you’re a lifelong learner, like me!

This program will give you the training that you need to launch a successful practice upon completion AND to start using the tools and skills in your work and life straight away.

We believe where the world is at right now that these specific NLP somatic coaching skills are needed more than ever.

The truth is unless someone like you cares an awful lot and is brave enough to bring your unique superpowers forward to BE the change you want to see in the world and empower everyone you come into contact with to do the same, nothings going to change.

There has never been a more important time to step up into the important role coaches can play at this time to reconnect clients with their humanness and innate wisdom and empower them to become the inner directed changemakers we need right now.

Are you ready to join our global tribe of Conscious Change Makers?

I hope the answer is YES.

Helen Attridge
Founder of ALCN
Creator of the Conscious Change Coaching Method®
Master Certified Coach


Hear From Our Graduates


We have trained over 7,500 coaches over 6 continents, with 80% of our students going on to create successful businesses, impacting countless lives around the world.


Helen Attridge and The Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP (ALCN) offer a tremendous opportunity for those aspiring to learn the skills and qualities required to be a successful coach. Helen and her team… ensures each participant receives the value they are looking for. I was thrilled to receive my coaching training through ALCN, and continue to put into practice daily, the many lessons I learned throughout the course.

- Matthew Brannagan

- Faculty Director, Teacher and Coach at Hoffman Institute, California

My confidence grew exponentially from this program, within one week I secured my next speaking event at four times the price I had been charging, covering the cost of my training with ALCN.

Judy Okten

Coach, Consultant and Speaker, Switzerland

"I deeply enjoyed the coaching course and used my acquired skills with great success to build an international coaching business.”

Ivar Lukk, MCC

International Executive Coach, Estonia

“I met Helen at a Stanford Business School workshop she was facilitating on NLP and Coaching, I experienced a seasoned facilitator and coach that I knew was ideal for me in my quest to become a coach. Helen’s brilliant expertise in all aspects of coaching is infused with her vitality, humor, and generous heart. The program created a space of empowerment and transformation where I opened and grew in ways I could never have anticipated.”

Lynne Lombardo

MBA, PCC: Wealth Coach, Tardus Wealth Revolution, USA

“After the training with ALCN, I went on with my goal to be the 1st Indonesian to receive ICF credential. Things go smoother when you have someone experienced to guide you through, give you feedback and tips. I definitely recommend you to experience these by yourself!"

Suhendra Cheng, ACC

Talent and Leadership Development Professional who help companies close the "Knowing-Doing" gap, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Helen is one of the BEST Coaches and Trainers for Leadership Development and Business Coaching Skills I've ever known. I attended Coaching Skills for Leadership and Life and was transformed. Taking the program was one of the best training experiences I've ever had.”

Jessica Li

Associate Director Learning & Talent Development APAC, China

“I went through Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP' program and it was a life changing experience! After going through the program, I've not only grown exponentially as a coach, I've grown as a person. I can't imagine a better investment of time and money for an aspiring coach. The program as a whole is top notch.”

Jana Anders

Emergent Leadership LLC, Coach, Trainer & Consultant, San Francisco, California

“This is an outstanding coach training that provides all the necessary tools and skills to either initiate your own coaching practice or become an internal coach for organizations. The international diversity of the participants provides an amazing global perspective, allowing to better integrating the coaching principles and tools to any environment and culture.”

Maria del Carmen Navarro Aguilera

Global Strategic HR Learning & Development, Executive Coach, Beijing, China

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Mentorship & Certification Program 

Become An NLP Somatic Coach

The most powerful coaching frame works for creating lasting results, fast.

Self-paced certification

With up to 9 months of personalized 1 on 1 support. You select your Coach & work at your pace.

Dynamic & interactive course

The powerful combination of ICF coaching, NLP, somatic practices, mindfulness and embodiment tools.

Global community of certified coaches

Network with successful professional coaches, ask questions and receive support.









Are you ready to transform your life?


Full Price with 4 month payment plan $13,995 or $11,995 if paid in full.